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Solivagent, the new EP - out now


The new EP, out now. 

Four new original tracks written by Sadie Horler

○ Solivagant 
○ Desire 
○ Just One Night 
○ The Bench 

CD available by mail order or download from all the usual places

S A D I E  H O R L E R

Since her first live appearance in 2014, Exeter based singer-songwriter Sadie Horler has quickly established herself as a popular act on the South West festival circuit. With her intricate guitar picking and effortless vocals, Sadie performs with warmth and authenticity, captivating her audience with an engaging but unaffected stage presence. Her song writing reflects a maturity and perception beyond her years, with lyrics drawing on the events and people around her, every song telling a story that compels you to listen.

Sadie’s first Single ‘25th’ charted at number five in the Itunes singer/songwriter category. It was followed by her much anticipated four track EP ‘Two For Joy’, which in turn led to an invitation to perform the title track on Balcony TV.

Describing Sadie as ‘phenomenal’ and ‘one of the finest young female artists we have discovered’, BBC introducing in Devon have broadcast nine of her self-penned songs, twice chosen her songs as 'Upload of the Week', and invited her to perform live on the programme. And it’s not only in live performance and radio that Sadie’s been getting noticed. Her haunting vocals were used recently in a trailer for Channel 5's fantasy epic 'Emerald City', directed by Tarsem Singh and produced by Universal Television.

Sadie shares her love of music with her parents, who introduced her to live music and festivals from a young age. Which might explain why Sadie’s early musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, and Leonard Cohen. More recent influences are Lucy Rose, Billy Marten, and Daughter, with local Exeter artists The Sound Of The Sirens and Wildwood Kin being a huge inspiration.

It’s very early days still, but time will tell if Sadie's musical career will lead to wider recognition. Certainly there’s no denying she has the talent and the drive. But there’s also a lightness about her, and it’s never more apparent than when she’s sprinkled on some glitter and wearing her signature bindi, and she’s standing on a stage in a field of beautiful people, doing what she loves best.


"Here at Oxjam HQ, we love Sadie Horler , and are thrilled that she will be headlining at the Oxjam Exeter takeover!"

"Lovely Sadie Horler to kick off a night of great music...soo good!"

"Big, bright, talented, future star."

Savvy, her level-headed approach, boho charm and velvet vocals are an impressive combination. Our prediction? A sparkling success. 

"It’s rare to find an organic musician that can look so completely comfortable when performing. Sadie is one such a rare find and is clearly a natural!

How she has honed this skill at such a young age is anyone’s guess! The fluidity of her delivery is flawless, and she just seems so completely happy to be singing and playing her guitar. Her professionalism is way beyond her years and her head is firmly screwed on to her shoulders. 

There is absolutely no “singers ego” in her personality, which is also another rare thing, but will surely bode her well in this industry. She ticks all the right boxes to be a great performer for many years to come, and is a pleasure to work with."

"Sadie Horler is just 16 years old and like most teenagers is looking at the world with eyes that are as wide with wonder as they are wide with terror. Her voice is cripplingly beautiful with a real Jazz vibe about it and her guitar playing is delicate, subtle and well placed. What set’s this Exeter songstress apart, however, is her innocent and unaffected lyric writing that speaks with humour, pathos and a real honesty that is an extremely rare commodity these days. Closing song ‘Why Should I Tidy My Room When The World’s Such A Mess?’ is the perfect example of this songwriting talent that some might see as teenage angst….because it is….because she’s a teenager. Teenage angst performed to chilled out Jazz vibes, an intriguing and beguiling combination." 

U P C O M I N G   G I G S


View On YouTube

Just One Night (Sofar Bath - GIVE A HOME 2017)


Golden Slumbers - The Beatles/Elbow (cover) - John Lewis 2017

Two For Joy - Balcony TV

Live - Kingkerswell Parish Church

Why Should I Tidy My Room
(When The World's In Such A Mess)

Tears In The Rain 

Dancing Barefoot

Chasing Dragons




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